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A/C Name : Alakh Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
A/C No. : 072905500447
Bank Name : ICICI Bank ltd
IFSC Code : ICIC0000729

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Signing up with EXTAM is a two minute easy task. You will be asked for very basic details about your organization and you are instantly ready to use features of the best business management application i.e. EXTAM.

Get control of your expenses

Once your Extam account is created; you can start uploading expenses, keeping track of purchase managers, vendor accounts, petty expenses, customers, sales, HR management and all cash flow. With Extam you always carry your whole business in your mobile.

Be in total control

Extam records all your expenses and places them into accounts, projects and categories so that you know what is going where, how much cash in hand, how much cash available in a project, how much is being spent for a project. In short, it is complete money micromanagement where nothing escapes you. You are in total control to spend money wisely. Extam will also prepare spreadsheets, ledgers and make analytical metrics for you to gain more insights of your business.