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What Burnout Looks Like In Business Systems and What to Do about It


When you’re a business man with an upcoming project deadline drawing closer or a new one about to begin, then the pressure keeps on mounting. During these days, it may feel like carrying the weight of a stack of heavy columns on your back.

In a business system, a leader of a group usually feels this kind of pressure to meet the expectations of the team. The leader is the one in charge of driving innovation and efficiency for stakeholders across the business. But, it can begin to feel insurmountable when it comes to aligning with business goals and this could lead to a burnout.

What are the symptoms of burnout?

What are the symptoms of burnout

Burnout has been defined as a ‘syndrome’ linked to ‘chronic workplace stress that results from inefficient management. According to the WHO (The World Health Organization) burnout is associated with these stress symptoms:

  • Reduced professional efficacy
  • Feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion
  • Feelings of negativism or cynicism towards one’s job or increased mental distance from one’s job

Burnout has a negative effect on your immune system making you susceptible to other illnesses. Moreover, it can exacerbate any conditions which you might already be having. Burnout has also been linked to high blood pressure, insomnia, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes.

How can burnout be avoided in business systems?

In a job where systems for lines of business are upheld, burnout may seem impenetrable and unavoidable. But, there are still ways to come through the other side and avoid a burnout. As to what burnout looks like here are some warning signs and tips on how you can avoid them:

When you take on too much

When you take on too much

Leaders of a business system feel like it’s their responsibility to solve everyone’s problems since they are the ones who manage building processes more efficient. But, get your priorities straight and build strategies, create deadlines, and host meetings with stakeholders across business. Engage employees in project discussion and planning including administrative works.  This will let everyone know what you expect for the week.

Identify what makes you happy and what destroys your enthusiasm

Identify what makes you happy and what destroys your enthusiasm

Whether inside your workplace or out there are always things that you like to do and things you don’t. But, as a businessman your job is to identify opportunities where business automation can be placed for menial and repetitive work. In doing so, you are making it easier for all concerned by removing annoying tasks. However, you should do the same for yourself.

Glance through your calendar for the week and try to figure out the activities that exhaust you and the ones which fulfill and uplift your spirits and focus more on them. Some draining activities are unavoidable, but on those days make sure there are fulfilling activities to balance it out.

Don’t just spend all your time working

Don’t just spend all your time working

It gives us a sense of accomplishment and excitement when we work towards making the business more efficient. But, don’t spend all your energy and time working because there will be nothing left for your family or any other tasks. Being satisfied with your work within your professional sphere is good, but there should also be things outside of office which you can enjoy as well.

Always maintain a balance between your work and leisure time. Take some time off every now and then to recover after stressful days of work. Working non-stop can affect your health and well-being, so make sure you take breaks in between or else you eventually will experience a burnout.

Its okay to say “no” sometimes

Its okay to say “no” sometimes

If you are a the leader of a new business system or even just a part of the team responsible for building processes, it may feel like everything coming across your desk is essential for the business to  be successful. But, there is a balance despite there being processes that can’t work without the other. For businesses to work there are some critical processes that have to be up and running at all times. Categorize your to-do list with the due dates, your priorities, departments etc.

Prioritize self-care

Prioritize self-care

When you are exhausted you tend to neglect focusing on essentials like getting enough sleep, eating on time and staying hydrated. Neither will you have energy to exercise or socialize, or even cook your meals. You can even become irritable, frustrated, and even experience cognitive impairments and delusions if you don’t get sufficient sleep and rest. This will ultimately lead to a burnout.

To prevent this, leave the office during your break time like at lunch break and go out for a quick jog or engage in some light physical activity. This can really help in reducing stress, increasing productivity, preventing cognitive decline, boosting your self-confidence, and improving memory.

Strong leadership

Strong leadership

Indeed there are things you can do to avoid a burnout, but managers can take other steps to ensure employees don’t get exhausted. Businesses can develop and apply mental well-being guidelines to prevent burnout.

Poor leadership can also be the cause of burnout in the workplace which is why it is necessary for any organization to be very selective in choosing the team leaders. Also, an excessive workload accounts for many burnout cases.

Rely on technology and Business automation

Perhaps the best way to avoid business burnout in the 21st century is to use business automation tools. Whether it’s the best expense manager app or task management apps, technology can do much to deal with burnout simply because it does your work for you. For example a business management app like EXTAM that you may find on play store is a brilliant multifaceted application that makes tasks like employee’s payroll management, project management, task management and above all expense management child’s play.

Instead of stressing yourself out, use business automation to help you establish a better point of control to oversee your business easily.

What Burnout Looks Like In Business Systems and What to Do about It

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