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Four major advantages of using an expense manager application


Who do you think would benefit of an automated online expense manager app. Just pause for awhile and conjure up the image of a tourist or a business executive out on tour.  He would keep fumbling with a huge amount of receipts and bills.  Now fast forward your mind to a new way of tracking expenses. After having a meal in a restaurant, either discard the bill or simply take a picture if it on your Smartphone or instantly enter it into the functions of an expense manager app and you will then see how such expense management software makes people’s lives easier.

Automated expense management apps like expense manager eliminate the issues of losing bills or forgetting expenses. It does away with inconsistencies and fraudulent expenses by compelling someone to instantly enter an expense in any of a number of accounts provided for you. Here are some reasons how an expense manager can help you.

No delays and no requirements of paper postings

Regardless of whether you are a businessman, an executive, a college student or a housewife, an expense manager does away with having to keep long listings on paper and keeping a huge bundle of receipts and bills. The expense management system reduces all of this and all data can be kept in tour online account that can be accessed on the website or Smartphone. For a small business, employees can each have an account to update expenses incurred on the go.

No delays and no requirements of paper postings

It allows you to group your expenses

One of the advantages of an expense manager is to group expenses into categories and to specify various accounts. For example as a businessman you may be involved with more than one project. Instead of being confused with expenses from a consolidated account, you can create a different account for every project to get information as to the exact expenditure incurred on an individual project. The same can be applied to families where groupings can be done according to important events.

It allows you to group your expenses

Enforce expense control

As a business, it is wise to enforce a company policy as a major part of expense processing. Employees are given clear cut options to enter expenses on the go be they for travel, food or sundry expenses. In this way, specific expenses are consolidated into their own projects and there is no confusion.

Enforce expense control

Make faster reimbursements

A constant updating process of expenses on the go gives you immediate access to your budget status of any given project or event. This also cuts down the time consuming steps of employees and site mananagers requiring money for projects.  You could even get instant receipt of a payment made to any employee. The same process can be applied to a head of family maintaining family accounts.  Moreover, an expense manager allows you to monitor and manipulate all processes on a mobile device which makes it convenient to keep track eve when you are on the move.

Make faster reimbursements


Human behavior is ingrained in using technology and always looking for technological advances. Expense manager software makes expense management convenient, fast and easy. It helps you to manage projects and your budget easily and records even the smallest expense for a clearer picture of your income.

If you want a good expense manager app that simplifies the process in a better way over others, then consider EXTAM.

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You will be proud on your decision. Extam is a vast feature rich product suitable for any kind of business.

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