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About Extam

In today’s world of finance and business, the foremost worry on every entrepreneur’s mind is controlling finances and how to manage expenses. Without a way to keep your expenses in track, such as vendors management, business profits become meaningless as they get neutralized by expenses going out of hand. Before you know it, your profit and loss statement are in the red. Thanks to technology though, such problems can be averted by the likes of fully automated digital expense managers like EXTAM.

EXTAM solves your daily problems
EXTAM solves your daily problems

EXTAM is an expense management app that helps regular businessmen streamline expenses and make sense of your budgets, projects, group expenses and cash flow that could be draining your bank account every month. It helps you maintain the budget of a project so that you know exactly when you need to cut down, go slow or acquire more money from a client. EXTAM weeds out the fraud spending present in every business.
It gives you complete power of your money in the palm of your hand. EXTAM was conceived in 2019 and after rigorous testing and research is now available for businesses, and individuals wanting to make that worrisome aspect of expense a completely digital one. Configured to work in real time, your expenses including your employees are tracked instantly regardless of them being at another end of the planet.

Who we are?

EXTAM is an all-encompassing expense manager app and the brain child of Alakh Technologies of Noida, Delhi. A digital house of innovative digital business solutions, and business technology, we have introduced EXTAM into the market as a major player that seeks to change the way you do business. It focuses on expenses including vendor management, employee financial management and project expense management.

EXTAM, a digital expense manager, was formed out of a desire to make managing business and personal expenses easier. Being multiuser expense management mobile application, it makes business expense tracking seamless and manageable in real time. It makes life easier than having to have your pockets stuffed with receipts, struggling accountants and scraps of paper noting expenses much of which isn’t even recorded making you run at a loss. With EXTAM you get to know the when, why and where of every expense, you get informed of your budgets for a project, you get to track employee expenses and find out where your money is going. EXTAM allows you to stop unscrupulous and useless petty expense that add up to a tidy sum.

Who we are
EXTAM Features

EXTAM has some major features not found in any other expense manager apps.

Vendor management: includes vendor expense, payments, ledger invoice, vendor finance analysis
Employee Finance Management: records petty expenses, employee major expenses, project expenses, sundry expenses, employee advance, transfers, routine payments
Tracking Expenses and Location: tracks employees whereabouts when expense is incurred,

Expenses recorded in real time: instantly records expenses as soon as employee spends cash anywhere in the world
Project Management: payments, purchases, budget management, project expenses
Paperless expense Management: Avoid losing bills and unrecorded expenses by recording an expense instantly
Expense Reports: Get instant reports of expenses, spreadsheets, different expense summaries in various categories
Our Vision
Our Vision

It is our vision to help digitize a business cash transactions through the awesome and innovative use of technology. Integrated with your phone, laptop or any digital device, EXTAM will work beautifully using your GPS to track expenses on the go. It is our desire to make expense management convenient, speedy, and secure for all our customers.

Our Mission
Our Mission

It is the mission of EXTAM to create a niche of exclusive expense management systems that are portable and user friendly. It is conceived to address the concerns of a growing business market concerned about how to manage expenses and keep them in track. We also seek to provide businesses a means to track useless expense that eats up much of the profits of growing businesses and startups today.

Why Choose EXTAM

Today you may see several expense managers online. None of them are comprehensive and consistent with the offering customer support and continuous service. EXTAM manages a visible and consistent presence on search engines, playstores, and social media helping you be in touch and enjoy a complete support system that helps you manage the app. It is dynamic in function where you need not worry about endless navigation of menus, and complicated instructions. With EXTAM expense manager app, it is all about one click and the easiest way to manage expenses.


Why Choose EXTAM